What We Do

Double Shots Acoustic Duo can provide a professional, versatile and personalized musical entertainment service for corporate events, parties and weddings. Whether you’re looking for chilled out background/lounge music or vibrant party music to dance and sing along with the duo can meet your needs.

Double Shots Acoustic Duo play a very wide range of acoustic cover songs ranging from the 50’s through to today making use of acoustic guitars, harmonica, percussion and looping stations combined with soaring vocal harmonies.

Providing their own audio equipment the duo can keep the live and non-live music playing all night long allowing you to relax and enjoy your event or function.  You have the option to address your guests on the microphone or ask Double Shots Acoustic Duo to MC for you.

The Music

Double Shots Acoustic Duo are passionate about music and creating it, they take a song and make it their own most often making use of acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. “We believe in playing covers of great songs and putting our own spin on them. Some songs we stick to very closely while others require a little extra spice for us to get the best out of them such as the George Micheals cover of “Faith” where we incorporate our own blues guitar and harmonica solos.

The Duo is always on the lookout for new songs to learn, working hard to keep up with ever changing music charts. This is an essential element in keeping the song selection fresh and vibrant maintaining a balance between the modern and classic songs.

Background, formal or get the party started?


If your function requires background music the Duo can play “unplugged” in any location which is perfect for event entrances, wedding ceremonies or even surprise announcements. Songs in the set list that often suit this type of entertainment include “More Than Words” by Extreme and “Marry Me” by Train.


If your event requires relaxed lounge style entertainment Double Shots Acoustic Duo can set up their P.A. system and entertain your guests as they socialize or dine. There may be particular songs in their extensive set list that you would prefer at this time, just discuss this with or email the Duo when you book them at your event.

Party Time

If you’d rather that your guests have an opportunity to hit the dance floor and sing along to classic anthems and one hit wonders with the boys then they can crank up the volume and get the party started! For the more upbeat party atmosphere Double Shots Acoustic Duo could play songs  like The Proclaimers “500 Miles” or even the very unusual for an acoustic band Sirmixalot’s “Baby Got Back” making use of beat boxing techniques, a loop station and percussion.