Perth Band

Ben and Aaron have been playing music together in Perth since 2007. The Duo shares a passion for music which is clearly evident when watching their performances. When not performing as Double Shots Aaron and Ben are involved in numerous other musical projects which include teaching music, recording music and playing in other bands.

The Band

Acoustic, the music and our influences.

Aaron and Ben are influenced by a very wide range of musical styles and genres. This comes through when reading their diverse set list.

The Duo challenge the everyday generic set list performed by the majority of acoustic cover bands. While they play many of the classic acoustic songs you’d expect from an acoustic band they also delve into hip hop and dance music making use of such technology as loops stations, stomp pedals and techniques such as beat boxing.

Double Shots like to make some songs their own adding harmonica or even improvised lyrics to songs (perhaps you want someone’s name dropped into a song, or even an improvised song about them)!

Double Shots diverse musical taste and wide range of available songs means they can appeal to a very wide range of audiences.

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