Corporate Entertainment

Perth’s Premiere and most Reliable Live Entertainment – Ready to play, entertain and add at touch of class at your next Corporate Function.

The Music

Corporate events require a great deal of skilled planning and co-operation in order to make things run perfectly. At your corporate event Double Shots will make sure that music is something everyone can enjoy without you having to worry about a thing. The Duo knows that your corporate function needs to be entertaining yet allow plenty of opportunity for your guests to mingle.

Organisers of corporate events usually have enough to think about when the event begins so most choose for Double Shots to make their own song selection and play at specific times throughout the event. For a more “hands on” approach some choose particular songs from the Double Shots set list to be played at particular times. For details of available live songs check our set list.

The Entertainment

Double Shots Acoustic Duo can be very flexible when it comes to entertaining at your corporate event. If you’d like an extra special entrance for the guests you can ask the Duo to entertain acoustically (unplugged) at a doorway or foyer before they are seated to dine.

Double Shots Acoustic Duo can play a chilled out quieter set while your guests mingle and eat together even making announcements or introducing guest speakers. As the event progresses the Duo can either stick to the chilled out vibe or pump things up a little with some more modern and upbeat songs.

The Duo understand that any professionals working at a corporate event need to be flexible, they can fade out a song anytime on your signal or keep playing songs until your speakers and presentations are ready to go ahead.

Double Shots are happy to D.J. and M.C. at your corporate event or work alongside any of your own D.J.s, audio engineers or M.C.s. If you would like the Duo to M.C. at your corporate event please provide a clear, concise running sheet for them as early as possible.